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If you live in our catchment area, you can complete to online registration form below to register with us. We aim to process all registrations within 7 working days.

If you are unable to register online, you can download a form here or you can request a paper copy at reception.

If you take any regular medication, we recommend you request a month’s supply from your current GP before registering to ensure you do not run out before we receive your medical records.

If you are registering with our practice, we recommend you also consider signing up for online access. Online access allows you to view your GP health record, view test results, book appointments and order repeat prescriptions all in one place. For more information please click here

If you would like the register with us, we recommend using the postcode tool below to first check you are in our catchment area.

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Named Accountable GP (Click to expand)

All patients, including children, are allocated a named, accountable GP who is responsible for their overall care at the practice.  This is the GP that you are registered with.

You should be informed of your GP when you registered at the practice but you can also check who this is with any member of staff at any time and you may be given this information on you next attendance at the practice by the clinician.

We will make reasonable efforts to accommodate requests to change your accountable GP if you feel that this is necessary.

Patients are allocated the following GP based on the first letter of their surname

Dr Shahzeb Afreedi A – B
Dr Manish Verma  C – E
Dr Guan Chan F – H
Dr Satvinder Sandilands  I – L
Dr Sam Owen M
Dr Saffeia Imtyaz   N – R
Dr Sophia Nasser S
Dr Julie Antony   T – Z

Patients are welcome to continue to see any of the doctors at the practice of their choice for appointments.